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Welcome to living your Life as Yoga.

This website is lovingly dedicated to anyone, in any shape, size or condition who is looking to bring their life into balance through the ancient science of yoga. 


Literally translated, yoga means "union" - union of mind, body and soul. We practice yoga on the mat with the intention of deeply connecting and integrating all the parts of ourselves. When we practice in this sacred manner, we begin to feel whole, harmonious and balanced; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The key is to then take these deep knowing’s off the mat to enhance every aspect of yoga and begin to live our “Life as Yoga”.


In teaching yoga for over two decades, I am constantly amazed how this practice can profoundly change peoples' lives. 


My heart and soul is devoted to my students learning.  I specialize in teaching a broad range of students, from those who have never practiced yoga to teachers looking to advance their skills. From cancer patients to athletes… all can benefit from this powerful healing practice.


Yoga is an unfolding journey that can be integrated in any way that speaks to your own unique and personal vision of optimal health and wellbeing.  


Yoga has enriched my own life on so many brilliant and meaningful levels that it has become my passion to share this magical gift with you.


Together, let’s explore the path to an extraordinary life!


Loving Blessings and Namaste to you all!



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


(If you notice yourself in a picture on this site, or have taken any of these photographs and are uncomfortable in any way…please let me know. XO)

 Join the Self-Care Revolution

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

December 26-30, 2018


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Refilling Your Well:

The Sacred Art of Self-Care

@ Sivananda Ashram


January 17-23, 2019


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